In the mid-nineteenth century, a mineral-rich island was discovered in the heart of the ocean, which attracted the attention of the media and was widely reported. Later mines were built and a large number of people came here to pan. 

But somehow the news about the mines faded away, and no one came back from there. This became an unsolved mystery.

Decades later, eight adventurers decide to explore this island. All they prepared was an abandoned fishing boat and set off.After a bumpy route, the boat was already damaged and incapable of returning.They intended to find some supplies left on the island to repair the boat,but things don’t seem to be going so well. Something seemed wrong . The island was full of bones and carrion, nasty rats, strange fish and croaking vultures.It‘s like a place of death.They had a vague feeling that there were numerous pairs of red eyes gazing at them from the shadows Unbeknownst to the adventurers, 2 of those in the group were werewolves in disguise. The real adventurers have been killed. 

But maybe it’s been a while since the wolves have eaten human flesh, so they don’t intend to kill everyone so soon.So they blend in with the group and play hide and seek with the adventurers.

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